The Best Leg Lifter Straps Of 2021 (Review)

Sammons Preston 41’’ Rigid Leg Lifter With Webbed Loops For Hand And Foot

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Sammons Preston’s leg lifter has a high rating because of its tried-and-true design that works. Plain and simple.

The rigid leg lifter is made of a reinforced webbing with a metal rod that can adjust depending on the height of the person using it. There’s also a flexible metal rod in the foot loop that is designed to hold your foot in place.

The rigid strap encourages comfort while delivering on safety and control during each use. The nylon material makes the strap built to withstand the test of time.
You can buy the strap in several different lengths, but the 41’’ is the most popular option.

Key Features

  • 34’’, 34.5’’, 40’’, 41’’
  • Adjustable metal rod in the center and foot loop
  • Grips in foot loop for secure fit
  • Reinforced webbed hand and foot loops
  • Bright blue color easy to locate


  • Brand: Sammons Preston
  • Model: 84318
  • Weight: 3.84 ounces


  • Adjustable metal rod
  • Variety of strap lengths


  • Could be difficult for some individuals to adjust wire shape
  • The foot loop could be wider

Mybow 37’’ Leg Lifter Strap Rigid Foot Lifter And Hand Grip

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In addition to a foot and hand loop, Mybow’s leg lifter has two extra 9.5’’ hand grips for even more control over movement.

The two bonus loops gives allows more flexibility in the process and can more easily work with individuals of varying height. It can also be handy when you need to use both hands to lift your leg.

The 37” strap is black with a 20’’ foot loop that molds to the foot with use. When you’re not using your leg lifter strap, you can easily fold it twice or three times to reduce the space it takes up.
Mybow’s leg lifter strap conforms to most feet sizes, but not all.

Key Features

  • 37’’ strap
  • 20’’ rigid foot loop flexible enough to mold to foot
  • Two 9.5’’ hand grips
  • Black strap with blue accent handles
  • Nylon webbing
  • Iron wire interior
  • Fits most feet


  • Brand: Mybow
  • Model: 1
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces


  • Two extra handles to accommodate varying heights and standing/seated positions
  • Large foot loop fit most feet
  • Interior iron rod provides stability while raising leg


  • Won’t work well with very large, swollen feet or those with edema
  • Only one length option
  • Those with arthritic hands might find hard to use

Vive Leg Lifter Strap With Rigid Foot Loop And Hand Grip

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Vive’s leg lifter strap sets itself apart because it’s larger than other models on the market. The strap is 44’’ long with a 26’’ foothold to work with feet of any size, so people with larger feet or a bulky cast have met their match!

The larger size of the foothold is large and sturdy enough to easily insert your foot without bending over, but flexible enough to comfortably conform to your foot or shoe for a secure hold.

The strap is reinforced with strong nylon that won’t break with stress and extended use.
And, for peace of mind, after you purchase, you have a 60-day guarantee to return or exchange.

Key Features

  • Reinforced by a durable aluminum rod
  • 44’’ nylon strap
  • 26’’ foothold
  • 60-day guarantee
  • Nylon hand loop for grip


  • Brand: Vive
  • Model: BD14234
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces


  • Works for feet of all sizes
  • Cast-friendly
  • Secure fit


  • Heavier than other options, which could be a pro depending on the individual
  • Only one length option
  • Metal rod may be too sturdy for some to bend

Fushida Leg Lifter Strap Flexible Foot Loop & Hand Grip

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While most of the leg lifters on this list are constructed with an interior metal rod, Fushida’s version omits this from their design. While not ideal for all, especially those with knee pain, the added flexibility makes the product easier to transport and store–simply roll and go. Also, with no metal rod to bend and shape, hand strength is not an issue beyond basic grasping.

Measuring 43.3” in total length, the main handle measures 13.7” while the foot loop is 19.68” long, wide enough to accommodate most shoe sizes. An additional hand loop in the strap allows for easy two-handed guiding and positioning of the leg.

An added 100% money back guarantee adds peace of mind to your purchase that if this isn’t the product for you, no harm, no foul. It is important to note that due to a lack of metal rod, the foot hole is not as rigid as other models and some may find it difficult to insert their foot.

Key Features

  • Total length of 43.3”
  • Two hand loops for easy leg guidance
  • Flexible, durable braided strap is easy to transport and store
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Brand: Fushida
  • Model: BD11387
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces (shipping weight)


  • Easy to store and travel with–roll and go
  • Don’t have to worry about bending or shaping metal rod
  • Two hand grips built into strap


  • Harder to insert foot into for some individuals
  • Lack of metal rod makes the whole product less rigid and potentially harder to use
  • Only one length option

RMS 35’’ Leg Lifter With A Durable, Rigid Hand Strap And Foot Loop

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RMS, which stands for Royal Medical Solutions, has tons of medical products that help older individuals improve their quality of life through devices that make day-to-day tasks easier.

Their leg lifter is made of a lightweight yet durable woven fabric that is fortified by a zinc alloy rod sewn in. Zinc alloy is strong but bendable, so you can rest assure it will have the rigidity needed to easily lift your leg, but the flexibility needed to easy apply.

The 35” leg lifter is great to use in a seated position or for shorter individuals, while a 42” version is better for use in a standing position.
If you have a problem with your RMS leg lifter, don’t worry–there’s a lifetime warranty you can fall back on.

Key Features

  • 35’’ and 42’’ options
  • 1’’ thick strap
  • High-quality woven fabric
  • Feels lightweight but strong
  • Metal rod in the fabric made of zinc alloy
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Brand: RMS
  • Model: 4332476966
  • Weight: 5 ounces


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Strong but flexible
  • High-quality fabric


  • Only two length options
  • Some reviews reported webbing occasionally twists around metal rod
  • Takes some strength to bend model rod as desired

Duro-Med 32’’ Leg Lifter Strap Helps Increase Mobility And Maneuverability

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Duro-Med’s leg lifter is shorter than other models, measuring at just 32’’, which might not be ideal for those planning to use while in a standing position, but is more aligned for use of those in a wheelchair or from a seated position. This is also a handy tool to assist getting in and out of a car.

The leg lifter strap comes in a camel brown color and like other models is made with nylon webbing, covering an aluminum rod interior. The foot loop measures 12” in diameter and will accommodate most shoe sizes, including feet in casts.

Key Features

  • 32’’ long
  • Aluminum rod
  • 1’’ nylon webbing
  • Nylon hand grip


  • Brand: Duro-Med
  • Model: 640-8222-0000
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces


  • Very lightweight
  • Perfect for those in wheelchairs
  • Large foot hole


  • Size does not accommodate all use cases
  • Only one length available
  • No instructions included

RMS 7-Piece Hip Knee Replacement Kit With Leg Lifter

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If you’ve recently been through surgery and need some extra assistance, RMS has a 7-piece kit that can help facilitate recovery one step at a time.

The kit comes with two grabbers/reachers of various lengths that make it easy to access items more than arm’s length away. It also comes with a sock aid, shoehorn, and dressing aid stick that makes getting ready in the morning a lot easier. For bathing, there’s a 22” long bath sponge, reducing the need to bend and twist while in the shower or tub.

Last but certainly not least, the kit of course includes a 42’’ leg lifter. Similar to other models, the leg lifter is made with 1”, durable fabric with an interior zinc alloy rod that is both strong and flexible. As long as the length suits your needs, the real perk is all the extra products that make daily life that much easier.

Key Features

  • 42" leg lifter strap, high quality woven fabric, zinc alloy rods
  • 19" and 32’’ grabber/reacher with nonslip rubberized jaw that can rotate 90 degrees
  • Sock aid
  • 28" dressing aid stick with vinyl coated “S” and “C” hook
  • 22" bath sponge
  • 24" shoehorn
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Brand: RMS
  • Model: 4336314329
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds for 7-piece kit


  • Comes with seven tools to aid in daily functions
  • Long leg lifter strap accommodates taller individuals or use in standing position
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • You might not want or need other goodies
  • Some reviewers not thrilled with bath sponge

One size does not fit all when it comes to leg lifter straps. There are a number of different factors important to consider prior to purchasing, many of which come down to individual needs. We break down the main questions to answer when buying the best leg lifter strap for you or a loved one.


There are two main factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best strap length–the user’s height and main intended use case. Obviously, shorter straps will better suit shorter individuals, while longer straps are more helpful for those with longer limbs.

Using in a standing or seated position also comes into play, in which case the height of the user becomes a bit irrelevant. If using in both positions equally, it might make sense to purchase a different length leg lifter strap for both use cases.

Foot Loop

While most products advertise they fit most feet sizes, those who are suffering with edema, excessive swelling, or wearing a cast will need to be more mindful in ensuring the diameter of the foot loop will accommodate their needs.

Knowing if the foot loop is rigid is also very important. Designs with an interior wire will help provide structure that can make inserting the foot much easier, but some may find it difficult to bend into the needed shape.


There’s not a ton of versatility from one handle to another besides some size variances, but having more than one handle could prove to be an important feature for some. Being able to use two hands while guiding the leg aids in the fluidity of the movement, as well as being beneficial to those who are a bit weaker. The positioning of additional handles is also important, as having more handle options makes the leg lifter more versatile to a wider range of users.


Many leg lifter straps are built with an interior metal rod to make the product more rigid, and there is a number of pros and cons to this design. The added structure can make the product easier to insert one’s foot into, as well as aiding in moving the leg, especially for those with rigid legs or knee pain.

On the flip side, those with arthritis or weak hands may find the metal too hard to bend, especially when adjusting the foot loop. The metal rod also makes transportation more difficult as, while bendable, it may be difficult to smooth out kinks to straighten again. It could make the product structurally weak after repeated bending as well.

Leg lifter straps without an interior metal rod offer more ease in transporting and storing, and eliminates the issue of the need to shape or bend. Keep in mind that the lack of rigid structure will not be ideal for all users.

Extra Products

Sometimes you can find leg lift straps as part of a kit or package with other tools designed to help make daily functions for those with mobility limitations easier and more comfortable. Obviously, the main question comes down to need, and the functionality of each individual item should be taken into account. While purchasing packages can be easier and more cost effective, there are times when purchasing items separately is the best course to ensure each individual item suits the user’s specific needs. If you’re in the market for more tools, then be sure to check out our reviews on the best sock aid/helpers on the market, as well as our breakdown of the best grabber/reachers money can buy. Additionally, while some may be sensitive to the issue, finding a good toilet paper wiping aid can make a world of difference for those who struggle to bend and twist in certain ways, which is why we lay out a handy guide and review of the best on the market.

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