The Best Hoyer Lifts Of 2021 (Review)

Invacare Painted Hydraulic Lift

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The Invacare Hydraulic Lift offers safety, comfort, and stability for both caregivers and patients. The design of this lift helps make transfer situations safer for all thanks to a padded swivel bar and push handle which can adapt to multiple sling styles. The handle rotates from side to side for easy access and the swivel bar rotates 360 degrees without side-to-side sway for patient safety.

We really like the small footprint of this lift thanks to an adjustable base for maneuvering in small spaces. The whole system can be easily disassembled if the lift needs to be used in multiple locations. Although the unit features lightweight construction it certainly does not sacrifice performance or durability. The lift has a max weight capacity of 450 pounds and has a 20 to 64 inch pickup range which allows patients to be picked up from a variety of positions.

Key Features

  • Six-point 360 degree swivel bar
  • Padded pump handle that rotates to either side
  • Adjustable base with shifter handle
  • Easily disassembled
  • 5" caster wheels


  • Brand: Invacare
  • Dimensions: 46.75” (L) x 42.25" (W) x 20" - 64” (H)
  • Product Weight: 68 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 450 pounds


  • Slim design for use in tight spaces
  • Lightweight construction makes it easy to move this unit around
  • Features keep both patient and caregiver safety in mind


  • No brake locks on the wheels

Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport Unit

Honorable Mention
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This stand assist lift by Lumex is designed for patients who have enough stability to support themselves from a seated to a standing position, but who could use some additional support in doing so. It can be wheeled up to the user who can use the grab bar to pull themselves up from a seated position. A split seat can then be locked into place for patient transport, or can swing out when loading and unloading the patient. The unit also features comfortable padding on the seat, shin, and knee pads.

This style of lift may be a good alternative to a wheelchair for some patients, as it can be used not just for assistance while sitting and standing but can be used to transport patients from room to room. The compact design also fits through standard doorways, making this a good option for in-home use.

Key Features

  • Sit/stand style lift
  • Works for patients between 5'1" and 6'6" tall
  • Locking rear caster wheels
  • Padded seat, knee, and shin rests
  • Grab bar allows patients to support themselves


  • Brand: Lumex
  • Dimensions: 33.5" (L) x 25" (W) x 42.5" (H)
  • Product Weight: 61 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds


  • 25" compact width works well in most homes
  • Enables seniors to retain some mobility
  • Requires minimal caregiver assistance
  • Can also be used as a transport


  • Only works for sit/stand positions
  • Requires sufficient strength and mobility to use

ProBasics Patient Lift

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A hydraulic lift that works well for moving patients from a variety of positions, the ProBasics Patient Lift features a lightweight and slim design. The adjustable base of the lift can fit easily under most beds or around different types of seating. The 5-inch front and rear wheels glide smoothly for easy transport and the rear wheels lock for extra stability while loading and unloading patients. The pump handle is also adjustable to either side for convenience and the elongated design works for a wider range of caregiver heights.

The six-point swivel bar can work with most sling styles and positions, including four- and six-point slings.

Key Features

  • 5" front and rear wheels; rear wheels lock in place
  • Adjustable base
  • Lifting range of 26" to 70.5"
  • Works with most four- and six-point slings
  • Pump handle can rotate to either side


  • Brand: ProBasics
  • Dimensions: Closed - 48" (L) x 22" (W), Open - 48" (L) x 43" (W)
  • Product Weight: 68 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 450 pounds


  • Adjustable base is easy to slide under beds and furniture
  • Entire unit can be easily disassembled for transport
  • Locking rear wheels provide more stability while loading and unloading patients


  • No buying option to include sling if needed

Hi-Fortune Electric Patient Lift

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This lift from Hi-Fortune has handy features to make patient transporting easy and safe for caregivers, making it worth the extra price for some. It comes with an easy to use remote to control the lifting of the arm and has an emergency stop button for extra security. It also has rear-locking caster wheels that can be operated by foot, as well as an adjustable base that can also be widened by stepping on a pedal. Ergonomic hand grips also provide comfort to caregivers while moving the unit.

For patients, this lift has a long lift arm which can more easily place the patient exactly where they need to be. The unit also comes with a nylon sling that hooks onto a four-point spreader bar for a comfortable lift position.

Key Features

  • Adjustable base can be operated by foot
  • Locking rear wheels
  • Four-point spreader bar for the sling
  • Remote control for lift arm
  • One year warranty on the frame, six month replacement warranty on other parts
  • Lift range 33" - 68"


  • Brand: Hi-Fortune
  • Dimensions: 47 (L) x 24 (W) x 48 (H) inches
  • Product Weight: 99 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds


  • Adjusting the base and locking the wheels can be controlled by foot
  • Comes with a nylon sling that can be used dry or wet
  • Emergency stop button on the remote for extra safety


  • One of the heavier models in our review

Hoyer lifts can provide peace of mind to patients and caregivers alike, but it's important to choose a lift with the style and features that work best for your situation. Here are the most important factors to review before making a purchase:

Lift Style

Traditional Hoyer lifts rely on hydraulic or electric power to move a patient. This style works by inserting a comfortable sling beneath the patient, which attaches to an arm to safely lift the patient. This lift style works well for patients with limited mobility and who need to be moved from the bed or bath to other positions. These lifts are often bulkier and may require one or more caregivers to move the patient.

Another lift style that works well for patients with more strength or stability is a sit-to-stand lift. This type of lift can be wheeled right up to the patient who can then grab onto a bar or handle to lift themselves into a standing position. Once standing, a seat can be put into place for transport. These lifts typically come with padded knee and shin rests to make moving more comfortable for the patient.

Overall, Hoyer lifts are designed to reduce strain and injuries for caregivers, and no matter which style you choose, it's important to consider the caregiver's preferences and comfort level as well.

Lift Size

It's important to consider where you'll be using the lift and how much room you have to work with. If you need to maneuver under furniture or in tight spaces, we recommend looking for a lift with a slim, adjustable base that can fit under furniture or be adjusted to fit through doorways. Some lifts are also heavier than others so if you need to use the lift in multiple locations, be sure to review the product weight.

Another consideration is the height range of the lift. If you need to lift patients off the floor or out of bed you'll need to make sure the lift has enough clearance for you to work with. For sit-to-stand lifts you'll want to check the minimum and maximum user height recommendations to ensure your patients are comfortable using the lift.

Additional Features

Many lifts are sold independently of the sling needed to transport the patient, so if you need a sling, be sure to look for one that works with the lift model you're considering. If you're comfortable spending a bit more, you can find a model that comes with a sling that works perfectly with the frame.

Some models also help make life easier for caregivers by featuring one-step controls for locking wheels or adjusting the base, or ergonomic handles for use during patient transport. Electronic or hydraulic models may also feature a remote control for a smooth lift, as well as rechargeable batteries.

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