Caregiver Burnout: Staying on Top of Your Game as a Caregiver Without Burnout


Burnout. The word brings to mind a rocket that has spent all of its fuel and is crashing towards the ground. Senior caregivers are at risk for this “illness” more than almost any other occupation. Especially those caregivers who are on the front lines dealing with seniors who have varying degrees of ailments, dementia, or other disabilities which cry out for help and assistance. It is all too easy for others to say that you can’t take your job home with you. To leave the experiences one has faced during a typical day as a senior caregiver behind at the “office”, is to ask a person not to be human. However for the benefit of the seniors that we care for and for our family and friends it is imperative that we learn to manage the space which these experiences occupy in our thoughts.

This one-hour seminar is led by Sarah Smith who herself has faced caregiver burnout and she offers not only advice for the individual but advice for the organization who should be concerned about the burnout symptoms of the staff that they manage. Everyone is a winner when steps are taken to control and stave off burnout. Caregivers and management should expect that burnout will occur. By anticipating the likelihood of burnout prior to it occurring, the individual and the organization will be much better off and be able to provide more compassion for those that depend on their care. The methods for avoiding caregiver burnout are varied. Some are plain common sense but we still need to be reminded of them and, especially in organizations, need to be systematized.

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