SilverNest Brings Senior Homesharing to the 55+ Generation

Homesharing will fill this empty room

Homesharing—or, more colloquially, getting a roommate—is nothing new but senior homesharing is. For decades, people have shared living spaces with others. Traditionally, college students and people under the age of 25 practice homesharing. These days many individuals who are already at or near retirement age are interested in finding creative ways to age, including homesharing a residence with others. […]


Time-travel therapy brings the past to the present and can relieve stress and stimulate brain

Time-Travel Therapy

As the number of dementia cases rise due in part to the aging Baby Boomer generation, doctors and scientists seek new, creative ways to address the needs of persons whose cognitive decline cause memory lapses, aggression, confusion, and wandering. For many American caregivers, these concerns top the list of dementia symptoms that cause danger, concern […]


Seniors on a Budget Can Upgrade Their Homes – and Their Satisfaction –  With Simple, Inexpensive Steps

Seniors Housing

Feeling a sense of comfort and satisfaction in your residence is always important and even more so where seniors are involved. Generally, retired seniors generally spend more time at home than those who are in the workforce. But seniors are also known for neglecting their homes, their energy levels and the skills needed to cope […]