SilverNest Brings Senior Homesharing to the 55+ Generation

Homesharing will fill this empty room

Homesharing—or, more colloquially, getting a roommate—is nothing new but senior homesharing is. For decades, people have shared living spaces with others. Traditionally, college students and people under the age of 25 practice homesharing. These days many individuals who are already at or near retirement age are interested in finding creative ways to age, including homesharing a residence with others. […]


Aging-in-Place Designer Products

Aging-in-place grab bars 2

When people decide to upgrade their home with aging-in-place improvements they often don’t realize that there are companies offering aging-in-place designer products.   We all recognize that aging in place improvements come with plenty of opportunities but one of the primary challenges is in trying to make it beautiful too.  Whether you are simply hoping for a […]


How Can We Value Seniors as Workers and Mentors as They Age? Inspiration from Swiss Watchmakers

In the 1980s, Swiss watchmakers were in trouble. Quartz watches were introduced to the market, and these cheaper, easier-to-make watches flooded the watchmaking market. Swiss craftsmen were at a loss: mechanical watches like theirs were simply no longer economically viable, unable to make profit due to the labor-and-parts-intensive nature of their construction. These watchmakers were […]