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Helping someone with Alzheimer's to eat

Helping Those with Alzheimer’s With Eating

Over time seniors with cognitive or other physical decline may lose their ability to eat and adequately feed themselves. Many caregivers look for ways...
Falls and early signs of dementia

Early Signs of Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Frequent Falls

Recent studies have show that individuals may experience frequent falls prior to showing cognitive changes. No one wants to think about what life would...
Physician Assisted Suicide

Death with Dignity Laws for Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body and other Dementias

As the number of children of parents, spouses, partners and other loved ones who suffer from Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body Dementia and other dementias begin...
first signs of Alzheimer's

The First Signs of Alzheimer’s: Spatial Navigation

One of the first signs of Alzheimer's may be problems with spatial navigation according to researchers at Washington University in St. Louis. Understanding the...
Is Alzheimer's inherited

Is Alzheimer’s Inherited? Understand the Details

An enduring, vexing question that occurs to everyone who has a friend or family member afflicted with Alzheimer's is 'Is Alzheimer's Inherited?'. Alzheimer's disease,...

Anosognosia: A Big Word with a Big Meaning for Dementia or Alzheimer’s

Anosognosia - pronounced uh-no-sog-NOH-zee-uh - is a big word that may have big meaning for caregivers who deal with seniors who have dementia or...
Healthy brain exercise helps prevent or slow Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s Denial: An Alarming Trend

Patients and caregivers alike fear Alzheimer’s disease but caregivers find more and more that Alzheimer's denial is just as fearful.  Patients loath the thought...

Five Tips for Talking to Someone With Alzheimer’s

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